The LTA has revamped it's website and created a new link to it. The old link still works for now but the new one is:      


click on the LTA logo  

 The AGM has now moved to November. It remains to be seen if it can be held as normal.

The Winter 2020-21 season entries have now closed

This winter's tennis league competition is a friendly "stand alone". Clubs are free to enter as many teams as they wish or none at all as this league, although based on last winter's league, will NOT affect any future leagues. There will be NO promotions, relegations, penalties or fees, just tennis.  

The provision of refreshments and use of facilities will be determined much nearer the start of the season and be in line with the current government and LTA guidelines and advice.  

For clubs whose facilities remain closed we hope that they can be accommodated in some way.